Sunday, September 30, 2007

The Tour So Far!

We are one full week into the tour and we have "hit up" five schools across Nova Scotia thus far!

Things are going swimmingly! For our first week, we went to the Northeast Kings Education Centre in the Valley (the day after our first show), where we ran into some extreme technical problems, when our amp decided to not work approximately 20 minutes before the show started. Darcy ran off and tracked down the residential tech-student Russell who supplied us with a functioning cable, thus saving the day! Russell was dubbed "the man" for the day.

On Thursday we travelled to the South Shore to my hometown of Bridgewater/Lunenburg, where we performed at my former high school Park View Education Centre!

Myself in front of the infamous "Bush Cones" of the PVEC front lawn...

I had a ball. Really. It was a bit odd, though; performing a play about alcoholism for the younger brothers & sisters of people with whom I used to get absolutely shitfaced with. I felt like an imposter, and that they all knew my boozey ways.

Thanks to everyone involved in that day. It was a pretty rad day in my life.

I apologize for the lack of exciting stories, but I brought lots of pictures to make you happy! Tomorrow morning we leave for Chipman, New Brunswick (a 4 hour drive) and we will be on the road until Friday evening so until then, I'm sure I'll stumble upon something worth writing here; and if not, I'll just make it up!

To track our footage, check out Neptune Theatre's Google Map of our Tour!! Bon voyage!

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