Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I am Not a Skinhead.

Hey there, how are you doing? Keepin' it sexual? Good.

Last night, during my bi-weekly hair trimming that I do all by myself (like a big boy) I accidentally switched up my 8mm guard (which I use for my hair) and no guard at all (which I use for beard trimming).

The end result (take a deep breath) is as follows....

Not to be confused with...
I still like blacks, jews, asians and mexicans. Every last one of them.

Moving on.

What's new?

Myself and my girlfriend Kristin Slaney (I know, we're still together, I didn't think it would last either), and Sher Clain (another Neptune Theatre Pre-Professional Training Program '07 graduate) have been having rehearsals for the film Scanner, written and directed by Daniel Jardine. We'll be shooting mid-April.

Scanner will be my 4th time working with Dan Jardine on a film, what can I say, the man has an irresistable smile.

Scanner will be Kristin's 5th time portraying a pregnant woman. What the fuck?

Mr. Jardine doing sound on some other film that doesn't matter.

One last note before I leave you longing for more; tomorrow night (Wed. 26th @ 8:00pm) is Night of the Killer Reel II hosted by Scott Thorne, at Ginger's Tavern (1662 Barrington St.) is a night of short horror films. The teaser for Parker Porkham by Sam Fisher will be featured in the lineup.

That's all for now, keep it fresh.


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