Sunday, September 28, 2008

My Weekend With Picnicface

Hello people of internets, it's been a pretty damned awesome couple of weeks for myself, what with TREEVENGE at the Atlantic Film Festival and winning best short film at the AMD Fantastic Online Fest, and last weekend I had the pleasure of working on ROLLER TOWN, the new short film from Picnicface (directed by Andrew Bush).

Picnicface, for those of you who didn't know is an almost guaranteed literal-LOL inducing sketch comedy group from Halifax. If you haven't seen their stuff, go to their website right now (

Here is a collection of photos (supplied wonderfully by Samantha Marie & a girl named Megan whose last name I don't know) from last weekend's production... enjoy...


Kate Leth said...

These pictures saved my marriage.

Julie Hall said...

Glen, I will enjoy your blog. Also I will refrain from calling you Greg wherever appropriate. And when I watch Annie Hall I will not be too tired to laugh at the opening monologue that Woodie does to open the movie. In fact, I will laugh for the both of us.

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