Saturday, December 20, 2008

GlenJM Photo-ography!

For Christmas, I decided to treat myself to a brand-spanking-new Canon Rebel Digital SLR camera!.. Afterall, anything Avril Lavigne endorses will forever be welcomed into my household.

For my first photographic assignment, I decided to head to my old stomping grounds: The Lunenburg War Memorial Arena and take some photos of some intense hockey action...

Please enjoy these photos of young boys...

More to come! I'll make sure to post photos from Sundance (Jan. 15th-25th) when I go down! PEACE.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Treevenge Clip Online!

Hello people, it has always been thought that TREEVENGE would be released onto the interwebs shortly before Christmas, but the damn thing just can't seem to stop getting into film festivals (thus preventing it from being placed online).

Today, Jason Eisener has an early Christmas present for all of you, a one minute taste of the film...

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Only Human Shooting COMPLETE

Principal photography for the feature film ONLY HUMAN (Bug-Eyed Monster Productions) has been completed just in time for some sweet holiday hangouts. The film written & directed by David Swan will be released mid-2009.

A little birdy has informed me that a trailer for the film can be expected early in the new year.

Over the holidays, I am planning on meeting up with Mike Nauss, and we will work more on ENDURE 2012 & more.

In completely unrelated news, I'm buying myself a Canon Rebel Digital SLR so I'm gonna start calling myself a photographer soon. Stay tuned for photographic photography. Yeehaw!

Monday, December 08, 2008

Sorry gays: I'm going to Sundance!

It's official, Jason Eisener's TREEVENGE is going to be a part of the 25th annual Sundance Film Festival (January 15th to 25th)!! My face is going to get ripped apart on the big screen at Sundance!

TREEVENGE will be paired with the feature length Norweigan film Dead Snow about snowboarders battling Nazi zombies... yessss.

You can watch the trailer for Dead Snow by clicking riiiiiiiight HERE.

Rather than be a complete idiot and miss an opportunity like this, I'm taking my ass to Utah! So stay tuned for blog updates up the ying yang from Park City, Utah starting in mid-January!

PS. Fuck Prop 8.

Friday, December 05, 2008

NHL vs. Star Wars

The following is an opinion peice; if you disagree with what I say, don't even bother informing me of your dissent, I will already know...

As a Canadian, I often times find myself disheartened with the state of hockey's place in North American sports. It's non-existent. During the last Winter olympics, there were more viewers watching NBC for Curling than Ice Hockey. Curling?!

In the case of the National Hockey League versus Sean Avery, I will side with Mr. Avery. Don't get me wrong, the man is a cocksucker. No mistake about it. He sucks cocks. But things are pretty grim for a sport when their most controversial performer is an editor at Vogue magazine. Whose to blame?

THE STORY: In a pre-game interview, Dallas Stars forward Sean Avery stated “I’m really happy to be back in Calgary; I love Canada,” he said. “I just want to comment on how it’s become like a common thing in the NHL for guys to fall in love with my sloppy seconds. I don’t know what that’s about, but enjoy the game tonight.” He then walked out of the locker room.

Avery was referring to opposing player Dion Phaneuf's girlfriend Elisha Cuthbert.
I've stared at this image and have not been able to decypher the purpose of the combining sunglasses and swimming.

OH SNAP, right? Not so fast.

The end result has been that Sean Avery will endure a six-game suspension and be forced to attend anger-management sessions before being allowed to play in the league. Anger Management? He used the term "sloppy seconds" in reference to an ex-girlfriend.

The ruling has been handed down by the executives and directors of the National Hockey League. That's him, one of the big-wigs, Gary Bettman... you can see the passive aggressiveness in his eyes.

The NHL is in a continuing downward spiral and the only reason that the NHL is getting any coverage this week is thanks to the term "Sloppy seconds". Now I know there's the usual patriotic response of "fuck the States, baseball is boring yadda yadda", but that doesn't change the fact that the NHL is managing their superstars to be polite boring pacifists (off-ice) in one of the most aggressive sports known to man. Have you ever watched a hockey interview?...


Now I'm not asking for pro-wrestling style promos or vignettes, but the need to shut down any thought of outright honest bad blood or opinions?

DION PHANEUF IS SLEEPING WITH SEAN AVERY'S EX-GIRLFRIEND ELISHA CUTHBERT (awesome setup), and Avery called her "sloppy second"(oh fuck, shit is gonna go down tonight). Man, I can't wait to watch this match-up! Oh wait, Avery's not allowed to play because the NHL doesn't allow personality (damn).

The NHL has effectively created a league of clones, and thus, in essence, a Clone War... and we all remember how much clone wars suck... Clones aren't enough! The NHL needs to learn from the mistakes of Mr. George Lucas and allow their Darth Vaders, Boba Fetts, Jabba the Hutts and even their Count Dookus have their idiotic opinions heard by the masses; otherwise, the NHL will continue to die a slow media death with their dignity intact.

Fuck this, I'm watching Curling, at least they yell.

Friday, November 28, 2008

GlenJM vs. Politics

Hey folksters, last week a friend of mine got me to make her an animation for her in-class presentation regarding the Canadian FISHERIES ACT (which I have learned is batshit insane).

The end result is a mixture of Photoshop, iMovie, and construction paper...

If you're viewing this page on Blogspot, then just watch the video below, and if you're reading this as a note on Facebook, click THIS LINK to watch.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Some very awesome news today, as I am set to take part in the short film "RIGHTEOUS" written & directed by Cory Bowles ( RIGHTEOUS is inspired by the play of the same name that Bowles wrote and starred in for the 2007 Atlantic Fringe Festival.

This will be Cory's follow-up to his short film "THE SCAVENGERS", which was easily one of my favourite short films I've seen produced locally; so I'm pretty damn amped on the prospect of working on this!

Still screen from THE SCAVENGERS.

As always: that's all I know for now, so I'll shut my ass up. More to come!

Saturday, November 01, 2008

ONLY HUMAN, more stills & synopsis.

Three weeks into production for ONLY HUMAN and I would like to pass along some more stills, and give you the pseudo-synopsis for the film...

'ONLY HUMAN' is a Crime Thriller/Drama being produced by Bug-Eyed Monster Productions in association with Fearful Symmetry Films. It is an independent movie being filmed on the Red One Digital Camera. The movie is an underworld revenge plot as seen through the eyes of the bit players of said plot.

The synopsis was taken from the Facebook group, which can be viewed (or joined) @ . More stills and information available there, as well.

It should be noted that Scott Nickerson is almost a foot taller than me. Ass=kicked.

Friday, October 17, 2008

HOBO is Happening!

Remember HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN? That little trailer-that-could back in the Winter of ‘06? Well after a little bit more than a year, the feature-length film is entering the pre-production stage of development, and is slated to go into production early in 2009.

The script (written by John Davies) has been completed and my ass has been lucky enough to have a sit down with the script

All I’m going to say is holy-shit.

HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN is going to rock asses nation wide.
HOBO isn’t a horror, but the script still packs the same unapologetic, disgusting punch that has had audiences screaming at TREEVENGE screenings.

Jason Eisener will be directing of course, with Rob Cotterill producing, and recently announced, Niv Fichman (PASSCHENDALE, BLINDESS) will also be producing.

Since I’m not at liberty to say anything at all (that added to the fact I don’t really know anything else), I’ll shut my ass up.

For now, check out a cool piece from FHM Austrailia online here: .

Drawing by Steven Walters (

ONLY HUMAN Production Stills

About a week and a half into production for ONLY HUMAN and I have some stills for your viewing pleasure...

Shooting is scheduled to go until mid-December so more to come!

Monday, October 06, 2008

ONLY HUMAN, Upcoming Feature.

Fun news! Tomorrow, I start shooting for a feature film titled ONLY HUMAN, with Fearful Symmetry Films ( The film, written & directed by David Swan will be shooting from early October to early December.

No word on a release date.

I'll post an official synopsis & or production stills when they're available.

For now, just know my character's name is Francis, and I'm a man. More to come!

PS. Hope you enjoy the new layout of the blog, goddammit!

Monday, September 29, 2008


Check out a still frame from the upcoming short ROLLER TOWN by Andrew Bush/Picnicface...

Real mustache.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

My Weekend With Picnicface

Hello people of internets, it's been a pretty damned awesome couple of weeks for myself, what with TREEVENGE at the Atlantic Film Festival and winning best short film at the AMD Fantastic Online Fest, and last weekend I had the pleasure of working on ROLLER TOWN, the new short film from Picnicface (directed by Andrew Bush).

Picnicface, for those of you who didn't know is an almost guaranteed literal-LOL inducing sketch comedy group from Halifax. If you haven't seen their stuff, go to their website right now (

Here is a collection of photos (supplied wonderfully by Samantha Marie & a girl named Megan whose last name I don't know) from last weekend's production... enjoy...

Sunday, August 31, 2008


Hey there true believers, guess what, I have a brand new video for you to judge me by!

was written & directed by the ever so wonderful Daniel Jardine, it featured myself, Kristin Slaney & Sher Clain.

John is off to visit his Girlfriend Maggie at her mothers cottage in the mountains. In an attempt to keep John around for some very important news, Maggie's mother Helen slips an old remedy into his drink. Pandemonium is what happens next.


And now, for no real reason, here's a photo of Daniel bowling... thanks Facebook!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

TREEVENGE at the Atlantic Film Festival!

For the first time in Halifax, mother effing TREEVENGE!

September 16th, get your ass to Oxford Theatre to catch Jason Eisener's TREEVENGE. Buy your tickets now, because this bastard's gonna sell out!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

“What Went Wrong” with me!

TWO great big bits of news for yourselves today!

(1) First up, I have released my first compilation-best of-greatest hits DVD titled “WHAT WENT WRONG”, a collection of my fondest short films I have had some involvement in.

Now you can enjoy Glen Matthews on your very own television. Fuck the internet!

The DVD includes seven shorts:

-MUGSHOTS (trailer)






(2) Secondly, you can rent WHAT WENT WRONG from Halifax’s number-one (in terms of radness) video store, Video Difference FOR FUCKING FREE!

How rad is that?

Rent it, give it to your friends, give it to your family, everyone needs to see my pubes.

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Streets is coming!

I am pleased to announce that post-production on Jason Eisener’s first feature film, STREETS OF DOMINATION has finally begun.

Let’s recap: The Chambers are one of the toughest gangs in River City. They play it cool and rock hard, but that's all changed when their rival gang, The Squids, kidnap Dale Chambers, The youngest of the Chamber brothers. The leadership of the city is now up for grabs as the Chambers race to save their brother down Canon Alley, a highway long abandoned and rumoured to be the turf of the most ferocious and cannibalistic gangs out there, The Creeps.

Eisener has recently dropped off a box of 61 Mini-DV tapes for myself to import onto the computer; all while he’s “working” in Aruba. Bullshit.

The end (of the wait) is near.