Sunday, June 29, 2008

Dinner Etiquette Correctness

I am pleased to present Dinner Etiquette Correctness to all of your sexy asses. Watch it and tell your stupid friends to watch it too. They'll do what you tell them to do!

Pick your poison...

Dinner Etiquette Correctness

Glen Matthews, Evan Mosher & Scott Bailey

Writer, Director & Editor: Glen Matthews
Grip: Patrick Wardell
Grip: Matt Tanner

Special Thanks
Jason Eisener, Zan Rosborough, Jason Tizzard, Kristin Slaney & Colin MacDonald

Special Apologies
Mom & Dad

Bit of a Bully Productions 2008

Friday, June 20, 2008

New Short JUNE 29TH!

I am tickled pink to inform you that filming for the short “Dinner Etiquette Correctness” is now complete, and post-production has begun.

The film, featuring myself, Scott Bailey & Evan Mosher was shot last Saturday with Ryan Creaser as Director of Photography and will be the first release from Bit of a Bully Productions since "Jog or Die" almost a damned year ago!

I am also tickled pink to offer up a few still frames from the film. I double-dog dare you to try and figure out what the movie is about by looking at these....

The film will be released Sunday, June 29th on Facebook ( ), Youtube ( ), ( ) and Dailymotion ( ) for your viewing pleasure.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Stupid Foreigner 2 Canceled

It is my unfortunate duty as writer, director, producer, editor and star of "Stupid Foreigner Volume 2: NYC" to inform you that the film has been canceled.

In the days leading up to our departure, I realized a few things, (1) we wouldn’t be able to accomplish much of what I had wanted for the film with only 14 hours in the city, (2) Kristin had limited camera-operating experience and (3) I wanted to experience New York City, rather than worry about making a video.

Call me a greedy bastard, but I didn’t want my visit to New York to be ruined by worrying about getting shots. If anyone is genuinely upset by this news, I will offer up one back-rub in compensation for your emotional loss.

In other news (which I hope will bring along emotional gain) on June 14th, I will be shooting another short film under the “Bit of a Bully Productions” moniker.

The film titled “Dinner Etiquette Correctness” will feature myself, Scott Bailey, Evan Mosher & Ryan Creaser (as the magnificent Director of Photography) and should be on the net late June/early July. “Dinner Etiquette Correctness” will be the first of at least four short films I hope to release by the end of the summer.

Early July I will be shooting a short film to be directed by John Davies with some rad-ass special effects from Henry Townsend. I smell magic.

"Treevenge" news; Jason Eisener's short has been accepted to two huge film festivals: Fantasia Film Fest in Montreal in July ( & Fantasic Fest in Austin Texas (