Monday, January 28, 2008

Treevenge Storyboards

Here's the storyboards for the scene in Treevenge that Kristin Slaney & myself participated in. Do enjoy...

Treevenge Behind the Scenes, foolz!!

Hello everybody, I'm here to bring you two things: (1) some behind the scenes goodness from the set of Jason Eisener's Treevenge, and (2) some love in blog-format.

On Saturday morning, Kristin (my significant other) and myself had the pleasure of waking up at 5:30am to catch a cab over to the set of Treevenge in Dartmouth.

Here's an excerpt from Eisener's MySpace page, giving you an idea of just what Treevenge is...

"New short project 'Treevenge'

So right now were waiting for things to go underway for Hobo With a Shotgun the feature film, so to do something with our time we decided to make a short film about the life of a Christmas Tree, this is our follow up to our hobo trailer. We have three more shooting days left and things have been going great.

Again this thing is done totally out of our own pocket which is now empty haha and with the help of alot friends."

Before shooting, make-up lady extraordinaire Cadence Macmichael did her best to make me presentable before I got torn to shreds...

Soon thereafter, Jason showed us a thrown-together scene from Treevenge...

Jason showing Henry Townsend, Kristin and myself the scene.

Here is a blurred photo of the work-in-progress. "But why is it blurred, Glen?", because I'm a goddamned cock-tease, that's why...
See all that green? That's trees. See all that red? That's human remnants. Fuck yes.

The scene we were shown was effing phenomenal!!! (<-- 3 effing exclamation marks!!!) And it was only "thrown together" in a couple hours. There was one shot that has been etched into my mind forever, it's truly haunting. If that scene is an indication of things to come, Treevenge will be far too much fun. People will lose their shit.

It was time to go down stairs and get to work...

Lindsay Thorne, Scott Thorne & Henry prep my head to be TREEVENGED!

"Not cool, dudes."

The man-behind-the-branch Mr. Jason Johnson. Jason created the Street Samurai costume seen in Hobo With a Shotgun. He created the tree costume for the hero in Treevenge. Awesome stuff...

Here's a photo of Kristin and myself standing behind Zan Rosborough, the genius of everything sound. For some reason, I look like a fatty...

Poor, poor bitch...

Director/Writer Jason Eisener and Producer/Writer Rob Cotterill watch the action...
Glen Matthews, post-Treevenge...

The aftermath...

Wayne Forrest ( WForrest Photography ) was on the set the day of shooting and took some kickarse production stills. Here's a handfull of them...

Awesome stuff.

Man, I have way too many endearing photos of Kristin in this blog update...

...there we go.

That's all for now, I'll keep you all posted on the progress of Treevenge. I think they had their final day of shooting yesterday, so I do believe it's in the post-production stage.

Peace-up. A-Town.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Young Company Tour '07 = MASTERED!!

15 weeks and 16,000 kilometers later...

Stick a fork in it, the tour is done.

Although it has only been about three days since the tour has finished, I think I can safely say that I enjoyed myself; thanks [in most part] to the people in the company, Adam Bayne, Gillian Ferrier, Darcy Lindzon & Kim Parkhill (it's in alphabetical order Kim, don't worry).

When I was preparing to audition for the Young Company back in July, I had asked myself if I wanted to spend 4 months with a group of enthusiastic thespians. It seemed to be in my experience, that when thespians get into groups of 3 or more, drama ensues. And I can't handle drama.

I weighed the pros and the cons. The pros were a kickarse job, performing for kids, being paid to act & travel, and it would get me out of working at Empire Theatres for a few months. The cons... drama.

The answer was a very hesitant 'yes'.

Here's a map with some of the spots we visited.

Looking back, the gamble paid off. There was some drama, but if you put 5 people in a van for 4 months, there's bound to be a couple of pissy moments. Overall, it was a very positive experience for me; definitely a complete chapter of my life.

The tour afforded me the chance to see every fucking nook and cranny of the Maritimes at light speed. Believe it or not, 4 months is not enough time to do a school tour and be a tourist. Sadly, I wasn't being paid to be a tourist.

Someday, I will return to the highlands of Cape Breton and take my own sweet time. That's a promise, right there.

Artistically, I think I have grown... I think. I'm still in shock from 4 months of 2 shows; I need a bit of time to just sit back and absorb what I have learned.

Approximately we did 80 shows of A Bump In The Night, and 40 Liars. Approximately 9 shows a week. Lordy.

I was exhausted in early December, but the kids kept me going (that sounds so cheesy). Performing for kids is like nothing else; a crowd of kids is like a mixture of a rock-concert, a pro-wrestling show, and a strip club. It's that weird fucked up mix that I loved.

I wish adults would go that apeshit for anything.

Next week, I'm moving into a new apartment with my ladyfriend Kristin and going back to work at Empire Theatres. I am oddly excited to go back to my "regular life". It should be nice to sit down and breathe.

Some fan-mail: A drawing of myself as Eric from an Elementary student.

A huge thanks goes out to the kids, Adam "Banye West" Bayne, Gillian "Ferry-er" Ferrier, Darcy "Darce-Hole" Lindzon, Kimberly "Kimbo Slice" Parkhill, and our director Samantha "Sambo" Wilson.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Building the GlenJMpire: Chapter Three.


“Honk if you happen to be horny.”

April 1999 to August 2000

Welcome to the year 1999. I am nearing the end of this year of Junior High School. My grades are good. The weather’s fine. The girls are friendly; a couple of them even talk to me (albeit briefly).

As soon as Spring came, the weather was absolutely beautiful, which got me amped to get out to Scott’s backyard and film some backyard wrestling goodness.
Hardcore Heaven
-the McLeod Bomber def. Pec Parka

-the Bloodfeasters def. Happy Guy and Rico Suave

-Pete the Punk def. Peter Bruin
-Fishin' Frank def. a fan

-the Bum def. Bum#1 & Bum#2

-Matthew Tanner def. the Deckhand

-Ray Mosher def. Brocus

-Wolfgang Stone def. Disco Stu
The next day, we went to Evan Mosher’s house and decided to start our own show called Help Wanted. We had no idea what it would be, but we wrote the title on a piece of cardboard and held it up in front of the camera, therefore, cementing it’s place in history. The first thing we did was get another piece of cardboard and write “HONK IF YOU’RE HORNY!!!”, and go down onto Evan’s front lawn, hold the sign up, and wait for traffic. To our 13-year-old amusement, nearly everyone traveling that road was “in the mood” to honk some horns. Wink. Wink.

After that, myself, Evan, Scott Bailey and Taylor Daurie walked door-to-door interviewing everyone about their sexual fetishes and how they feel about beastiality and “plantality”. Again, appealing to our 13-year-old amusements. Comic genius.

An angry/offended/appauled member of Evan’s neighborhood called Evan’s Mom and before we could sit down to watch our comic-gold, she destroyed our beloved tape. She threw it into the fire, it was very dramatic.

Note: Evan’s mother is a lovely woman.

Moving on.

It was terribly depressing, we spent an entire day working non-stop only to have it tossed to the flames. We knew our place, it was in Feltzen South; in Scott’s backyard. Where we were free to do what we damn-well pleased. Rebel yell.

More effort was put into the UWC pay-per-views. We kicked out the jams producing 4 PPV’s that Summer, each more extreme and hardcore than the previous. No longer were we using boxes as weapons, now we had cookie sheets, wooden shingles, metal chairs, and chicken wire.

Myself breaking a shingle over Scott Bailey's head in one of UWC's exclusive "Shingle Matches"

Mike Nauss (who created Brew Crew Radio) came out to lend a technical helping hand, and allow us to have microphones, multiple camera angles, and he also helped me edit video montages of the PPV’s.

Mr. Mike Nauss pictured with myself at UWC's tech-booth.

September came along, and we were doing more videotaped shorts with Mike. I filmed a couple shorts titled “Making Friends With Glen” where I walked around Lunenburg and acted like an idiot to people I didn’t know; most famously, one Japanese tourist on the docks who just wanted to enjoy his ice cream cone...

He hated me. Me and my 14-year-old amusements.

Brew Crew Productions was slowly collecting a series of videos through the early part of the year. We were gathering a following. An actual following, (more so than UWC’s five apathetic fans, at least) and in this following were girls, a few of them.

Throughout the year, we picked away at different shorts. Eventually filming our biggest film yet, a 30 minute horror/comedy “Norman Goes to School”, directed & edited by Mike.

Norman (an established character in the Brew Crew universe played by Scott) goes to school for the first time in his life, but he is not welcomed as he would have hoped, the students make fun of his deformed, warped body, and short legs. So he decides to go all axe-murderer on the school…

It was fucked.

I played Norman’s mother, and had my first sex scene of my young acting career. That.. was also fucked.

This was my first experience seeing a film being produced from start to finish. It was incredibly rewarding. I didn’t even produce the film. But people loved it, they lost their minds watching it, also we were given time off of class to watch it. Even if the movie would have sucked, people would have loved us for getting them out of class.

Jump ahead one year. One year, to the year: 2000…

More backyard wrestling. More short films.

Advertisement for UWC PPV#10 Sadistic Satisfaction

We produced a 4-episode parody show titled Brew Crew Survivor, where we each created a character and participated in contests to be the last one standing in the trailer park.

I wrote a script to a feature film, “Jackie Wang and the Hunt for the Egg Roll King” where our hero, Jackie Wang, has his egg rolls stolen and hunts them down. Sadly, the film was never shot because there was some creative differences (big words for a 14 year old, I know), which lead to the disbanding of Brew Crew Productions as it was.

That summer, myself, Mike, Scott, Evan, Taylor, and Ty Beaudoin began filming for a new version of Help Wanted TV, which we planned to debut when we made our grand entrance into high school at Park View Education Centre.

More girls in need of impressing. This was going to call for some seriously hilarious hijinx.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Behind-the-Scenes: Treevenge

Hey there friendos, check out a photo of the progress of my special effects head that's going to be used in Jason Eisener's upcoming short-film Treevenge. The head is being created by Lindsay Thorne; check it oot...

I'll be filming my scenes for Treevenge later in the month. Stay tuned for a set visit later on in the month and Chapter 3 of Building the GlenJMpire later on this week. Bounce.